Lucas Alvarenga



Hello, my name is Lucas.

Or also known as Alvarenga. I'm a highly motivated and experienced self-taught Android Developer with nearly 4 years of experience developing high-quality mobile apps. Strong ability to design, develop and test Android applications, with in-depth knowledge of relevant programming languages, libraries and frameworks. Excellent problem-solving skills, team collaboration and self-management. I seek to contribute to the success of the company by providing efficient solutions in Android development.

I started programming when I was 13 years old precisely with Android, but using Java in 2017. As I was close to entering high school, I wanted to attend a technical school. So, the following year, I enrolled at the Rezende Rammel technical school to take a computer course. It was an incredible 3 years, as I increased my knowledge in the area. Even focusing heavily on Java and, later, on Kotlin, I was able to have contact with other languages such as JavaScript, Php, C, Pascal and Frameworks such as React.Js and Flutter.

When the year 2020 came, I was determined to start my career as an Android Developer once and for all, so I went through many selection processes and interviews until I got an internship and was hired in only 3 months. In the meantime, I've been a technology content creator since August 2019, where I "documented" my journey from student to software developer.


Below is a summary of my professional career.


Lucas Alvarenga

I'm a highly motivated and experienced Android Software Engineer with 4 years of experience in mobile development.



Computer Technician

2018 - 2020

Technical School, Rezende Rammel (ETRR), Brazil

The ETRR helps me learn about technology. I had the opportunity to learn front-end, back-end and mobile development.

I study several courses every year

2017 - always!

I never stop learning

I believe that all people need constant study. Because in a world of perpetual growth and change, I firmly believe that continuous study is vital for all. For it is through learning that we expand our minds and we unlock our fullest potential.

Professional Experience

Android Developer

Dec 2023 - currently

itaú (@BRQ) - remote

  • Modularization and implementation of the MVVM architecture
  • Creation of tests with JUnit 4 and MockK
  • Android Jetpack libraries
  • Integration with RESTful APIs
  • Detekt
  • CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery)
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Jira
  • Figma
  • Accessibility

Mid-Level Android Engineer

Jul 2022 - Mai 2023

bornlogic - remote

  • Modularization and application of the MVVM architecture
  • Creation of tests with JUnit 5 and MockK
  • Standardization and creation of documentation all documentation about code, standards, and best practices
  • Helping in the decisions of defining a good organization of the Android chapter
  • Interviews and talent acquisition for Junior vacancies for Android Developer
  • Android Jetpack libs
  • Integration with RESTful APIs
  • Detekt
  • Participating in Design and Discovery processes

Junior Android Developer

2021 Jan - 2022 Jul

bornlogic - remote

  • Creation of new features defined by the Squad and Product team
  • Refactoring and application of MVVM architecture + Clean Architecture
  • Unit tests with JUnit 5 + MockK
  • Modularization of the application
  • Android Jetpack libs
  • Zendesk integration
  • Detekt
  • Assisting in the arrival of new Devs to the team
  • Integration of RESTful APIs

Intern Android Developer

2020 Sep - 2020 Dec

bornlogic - remote

  • Creation of new features
  • Bug fixes
  • Firebase (Crashlytics, Messaging, App Distribution...)
  • Retrofit
  • Picasso, Glide
  • Android Jetpack libs


Here is a gallery with some projects that I developed over time, some extremely structured and others not so much, because I like to feel my evolution, so here are my recent projects and projects in my learning period.

Marketplace List

This simple shopping list App helps you to create your list and already knowing the final value of the purchase!

Code Challenge

Your/Dev Recruitment Process 2020 - Android Developer


A joke with my last name Alvarenga with netflix

Time To Sleep

This project was developed when I was in the 2nd year of high school, with the aim of being an alarm clock for the deaf!


This app was able to work deeper with firebase, using it as a means of creating a new messaging app (I guess in high school I wasn't creative with names).

Crypto - Projeto de UI/UX

Fictional project from Felipe Santana's Figma Course (FEUX), with the aim of improving my knowledge in Figma Tool and also in UI and UX.